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Getae – Goētes – Goths. goēteia is Ancient Greek for wizardry!

wiki – The Getae or Gets (Ancient Greek: Γέται, singular Γέτης; Bulgarian: Гети; Romanian: Geţi) are names given to several Thracian tribes inhabiting the regions to either side of the Lower Danube, in what is today northern Bulgaria and southern … Continue reading

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Gabi Vacuţă – Arheoceramik. Cucuteni 5000. Cocosul de Hurez. > Ceramică neolitica de Vadastra lucrata cu ajutorul tehnicii arhaice, decorate manual cu simboluri existente pe obiecte descoperite in sit. (site cofinantat din Fondul Social European prin Programul Operational Sectorial Dezvoltarea Resurselor Umane 2007 – 2013) – Cumpararea obiectelor … Continue reading

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166-180:The Antonine Plague >Marcomannic Wars. 250-270:The Plague of Cyprian >First Gothic Wars >>The Liberation of Dacia and the end of Rome. 540~750:the Plague of Justinian, 50% population drop >The Slavization of the Balkans. 535–536: Extreme weather events. The continuity of ‘Magna Dacia’.

All the big ‘barbarian’ migrations, were preceded by plagues and social problems. Migrants replaced populations decimated by plagues, plagues definitely killed more people than wars and ‘barbarian killings’. ‘Barbarians’ replaced palace civilizations with rural civilizations, they replaced centralized societies based … Continue reading

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From 1200BC The Bronze Dark Age – the worst disaster in ancient history, worse than the collapse of the Roman Empire. Men belonging to I1 haplogroup all descend from a single ancestor who lived between 10,000 and 7,000 years ago. people belonging to I1 hplgr all descend from a single man who lived less than 5,000 years ago. This … Continue reading

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RO – an I2 continuity since the Ice Age.The classical Dacian Culture – a fusion between the Old Dacians & the La Tene celts

See here the present >> Distribution of European Y-DNA haplogroups by country in percentage  Present day haplogroup distribution in ROMANIA. (+N=0.5%,+T=0.5%,+Q=0.5%) Thus most important components are: 1] I = 33% original and dominant hplgr -trachians, dacians – geti, rumini; 2] … Continue reading

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La Seimeni case circulare de 300mp si un inel fabulos, pe autostrada Transilvania un oras de 100ha… Se dezvaluie civilizatii mai vechi decit piramidele, Old Europe -5000BC

The Vinca pottery is almost indistinguishable from Ubaid Sumerian (Ubaid is the oldest, initial phase o the Sumerian material culture, corresponding temporarily with the end of Vinca-Turdas culture). Read more.   >> 373 google earth photos from Dobrogea >> Seimeni, Hamangia, … Continue reading

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Scrierea milenara a vechii europe si 3 simboluri precrestine – crucea imbarligata, crucea incercuita, crucea cu 7 spire. + IYI

“Desigur ca un bandit are un dosar mult mai bogat decat un onest taran care si-a cautat de rostul lui. Iar inscriptii si sculpturi lasa cei care au posibilitati materiale, deci bogatii, ci nu oamenii saraci si umili. Aceasta este … Continue reading

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