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The Fire Peoples-urns &metals. The R1b Conquest of Europe. Dacians-R1b/Z2103

Source of article – origins_and_history_of_haplogroup_r1b_y – by Maciamo Hay The Conquest of “Old Europe” and Central Europe (4200-2500 BCE) The first forays of steppe people into the Balkans happened between 4200 BCE and 3900 BCE, when cattle herders equipped with horse-drawn wagons crossed … Continue reading

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The Vlaho-Bulgarian Empires. I2/E1/J basic OldEurope layer, R1a warriors, R1b metallurgy. Culture & technology fusion.

Golden ox figurine found in Maykop kurgan/mid-3rd millennium BC., Hermitage Museum & 3000 B.C(!?!), golden figurine of the Beddeni Culture, Alazani Valley in Georgia. Extraordinary kurgan burial shines new light on Sarmatian life, of the Early Iron Age, in the … Continue reading

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What stopped Mongol hordes from conquering Europe – a few degrees is all it takes to change the course of human history

scientists-finally-know-what-stopped-mongol-hordes-from-conquering-europe By 1240, Kiev had been sacked and the horde was rapidly advancing west. Their cavalry and siege tactics were laying waste to the cities of Europe, and, perhaps more importantly, they brought along Chinese gunpowder. This series of unqualified … Continue reading

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From Old Europe to Iron Age – the Ethnogenesis of Europe The earliest recorded metal employed by humans seems to be gold which can be found free or “native”. The first evidence of this extractive metallurgy dates from the 5th and 6th millennium BC, and was found in the archaeological … Continue reading

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The African DNA of Europe E-V13 In 1975, the mummy of Ramesses II was taken to France for preservation. Professor Pierre-Fernand Ceccaldi, the chief forensic scientist at the Criminal Identification Laboratory of Paris. determined that: “the hair of Ramses II, astonishingly preserved, showed complementary data … Continue reading

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7000 years of history. Ro DNA:68% Old Europe & 29.5% Kurgan

Present day Y-haplogroups in Romania: Before Farming Ro DNA – 33%: I1-4.5%, I2/I2a-26%, I2b-2.5%Middle East Farmers DNA – 35%: J2/J1-15%, E1b1b-15%, G-5%Old Europe DNA – 68% : I1/2-33% + J1/E1/G – 35%Kurgan, Celt & Slav DNA – 29.5% : R1a-17.5% … Continue reading

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Soarele – simbol arhetipal

Soare. Căldură. Viaţă. Începutul şi sfârşitul. Soarele este simbolul arhetipal care se regăseşte în toate culturile lumii. Încă din timpurile primitive, oamenii şi-au dat seama că fără Soare nu poate exista nimic. Ei s-au închinat la Soare considerându-l  izvor al vieţii şi al … Continue reading

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